Wedding Party

Megan Gleason

Maid of Honor

Megan is the sister of the bride and a returning co-MOH champion. We are often confused for twins, but I'm three years older. The Gleason sisters together at UCLA sporting event is entertaining, to say the least (Ryan suggests earplugs and gives coworkers fair warning). Megan is an extremely kind and caring person, she's always there for me for anything. She is currently keeping me sane throughout this process.

Sydnie Wilson

Maid of Honor

Sydnie and I became friends in high school and we've been best friends ever since. Our friendship spans almost 20 years and it has grown stronger each year. We've traveled to Vegas and the Vatican (although we didn't actually make it to our appointment to see the inside - not my fault). I'm so grateful to have her in my life!

Noveen Moinpour


Noveen and I met the summer going into our junior year at UCLA. We share a love of football, all things UCLA, and dancing. Noveen was Megan's stand in big sister when I wen to Italy for grad school, and the whole Gleason clan has considered her family ever since. I am so grateful that Noveen will be celebrating with me!

Emily Roberts


So you have your cousins, and then you have your 1st cousins. No, that's not right is it? Emily is my 3rd cousin, but our grandmas (who were 1st cousins) were best friends. At the beginning of COVID, I convinced Emily to move to LA from San Jose and I am so happy she did! My dad calls us the Mutual Admiration Society, and we call each other MAS. I have always aspired to be as cool as she is, and I'm so happy she will be a part of our celebration.

Diana Douglas


Diana and I met a freshman orientation, we were in the same orientation group and went to all of the incoming athlete orientation meetings together - Diana played Volleyball and I managed the Track & Field team. From the first day we met, we knew we were going to be bonded forever. She is also the reason why I convinced my dad to get a text message plan - she REFUSED to answer a phone call, which blew my mind in 2006. She is a bright shining light in my life and my hype woman for any decision I make or anything I accomplish.

Cristina Davis


I met Cristina when she lived with Sydnie our freshman year of college. Cristina is stylish, funny, and an artistically talented business woman - she has her own business teaching music! Her husband and I have the same birthday, and on the day of their first date, she asked me if I knew him. I did, because I know everyone (just ask Ryan) and I promptly shouted "that's my birthday buddy!" She also has an adorable daughter named Dani who will be our flower girl!

Rachael Frost


Rachael and I went to high school together - we met on the first day of our freshman year in PE class. There were many memorable stories from that class, but my favorite is when Rachael re-discovered her grass allergy... as we were sitting bare legged on the grass. We also did track together in high school and share a love of elephants, pickles, margaritas and beach days. She is someone I can always count on to be there for me.

Nate Miller

Best Man

Nate is the brother of the groom, he enjoys avoiding stores by shopping exclusively online, repairing his hooptie of a car and talking to Aman about airplanes until 3 in the morning. Nate also is an extremely accomplished best man! He's stood in the #1 spot 7 times! Nate is passionate about fun so if you're looking for an after party after the wedding after party talk to him!

Corey Brill


Ryan and Corey met at the BP Carson refinery in 2006. They bonded over a shared love of happy hour, Sharkeez in Hermosa and water chemistry. During one stent as housemates, they shared a jack and jill bedroom/bathroom arrangement with exactly 1 item in the shower....a bottle of old spice all in one shampoo/conditioner/body wash. Corey is a certified pigeon caller and is the most likely to be found at the chu the morning after the wedding hiding behind a massive stack of poker chips.

Michael Strenk


Ryan and Mike met when Mike was going through the interview process for a job at the refinery. "Interview" is a strong word since we were told we had to hire him since his Dad was in upper management at BP but they bonded over overpriced mediocre Mexican food and became fast friends none the less. If you want to find Mike during the reception, he'll either be on the dance floor or at the DJ booth requesting 90's songs.

Aman Williamson


Ryan and Aman ALSO met at the refinery. Aman is a pilot. Don't worry about remembering that fact...he'll tell you. It's hard to decide which is bigger, his heart or his head (both are concerning medically speaking) but I guarantee that if you need someone to bail you out or share an extremely obscure fact from a podcast, he's your guy.

Andrew Kurtz


Andrew and Ryan met their first night in the dorms at UCLA and have been friends ever since. Their proudest friend accomplishment is twice winning the UCLA CSO program's cutest couple award in college. While they never managed to take a trip to Lake Como and stroll the streets of Bellagio, they've made countless memories together. They text about sports daily and both can't believe that Trevor Ariza is still "playing" basketball.

Nick Corpuz


Nick and Ryan met in college via their jobs as CSOs. They both enjoyed driving large vans really fast through narrow congested streets with lots of pedestrians. Nick has earned his reputation as a man of the people by helping banks foreclose on people more efficiently. He is passionate about sports, equities and putting cats in compression vests.

Nolan Toftner


Nolan and Ryan also met at the refinery and quickly bonded over a shared love of skiing and whiskey. Nolan is known for always making good decisions (like moving from sunny Southern California to Tulsa) and having an extremely successful dating life. Ladies, if you're looking for someone who can consume multiple pounds of chicken breast each day and can move heavy objects for you, Nolan's your guy.