Kelsey and Ryan

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Our Story

We met in a dark bar in downtown LA ... at a friend's birthday party. Ryan had been preparing all day for the Rams to beat the Cowboys in the Playoffs and didn't think he'd make it to the birthday festivities. Kelsey wasn't supposed to stay at the birthday party past midnight, but she gave into peer pressure and went with the group from Perch to Seven + Grand. While Kelsey was talking to Matt (the birthday boy), he was distracted by an attractive man in a Rams Bradford jersey and running shoes. Matt saw Ryan and ran away from Kelsey to jump into Ryan's arms. Ryan and Kelsey got to talking, Matt introduced Kelsey and Ryan ... several times. We found out that Ryan was living only a quarter mile from the house Kelsey grew up in. After a half hour, Ryan excused himself to go to bed after a long day of celebrating the Rams' victory, but before he got back to the JW Marriott DTLA, he had a date with Kelsey that Friday (where he spilled beer on her, she's been spilling on him ever since -- because payback).